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Artwork update by me...

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Hello everyone

I thought I'd post this as an update - maybe you'd like to see!? :)
The last 5 pictures are new - it only took me ages to finally upload them cause of holidays and lots of work... :(

I tried to describe them as best possible but feel free to ask if you have questions and as usual comments are always welcome. :)



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On May 12th, 2006 11:53 am (UTC), _hedgewytch_ commented:
Can't see at work ;o(
but will have a look tonight - have you heard back from Selina?
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On May 15th, 2006 06:36 am (UTC), naurwen replied:
nope, haven't.
i just hope there will be some general answer or so if they don't consider me. at least some reply really? sigh...
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On May 15th, 2006 07:22 am (UTC), _hedgewytch_ replied:
nods *HUGS*
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