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Well have just about finished my projects for our Witch Stitch stall tomorrow at the Pagan Network Conference.

I'm quite excited and nervous as to whether anybody will want to buy anything. I've tried to not price things to high, but it would be nice to sell some of the stuff.

I have redone the pics in my Craft gallery with a few added things I have been working on the last week. Most of the stuff you've seen before but I thought I'd show if off anyway.

My Ian has got me a website but I haven't set it up yet. I'm hoping that in time I can put my stuff on there to sell. But that is all in the future!

A lot hinges on tomorrow. If some of my stuff sells then it will give me confidence to make more and do bigger craft stalls etc.

Yes I am a Virgo and worry too much and am over critical of my own work. I always seem to feel things aren't good enough and hate having that unfinished feeling about a project, like if there was more time I could make it better (which means I will screw it up and over work it!)

Now after Dragonankh pointed out that Mercury is in retrograde and that it will effect Gemini's and Virgo's big time, I am very worried about tomorrow!

So I call for a vote of honesty. What do you guys think? Do I stand a chance tomorrow against the tides of mighty Mercury?

worried worried
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Hello everyone

through chance i had some extra-time off yesterday as my dance training in the evening was cancelled... so that's that and why i ended up drawing yet again. :)


a bit of warm atmosphere in this cold weather i hope. piles of snow here, cooooooold...


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Hi everyone

a new picture - made yesterday night and the reason of my lack of sleep:


as usual, comments etc. welcome. :)
i've started a newsletter with my work today for whoever's not on LJ or wants to receive it that way - if you're interested, please tell me and i can add you. other than that i will happily post here, too. ;)

a lovely day to all of you!


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Hello everyone

i've been a little busy during the weekend... here's what i got done...
as usual - comments are very welcome. explanations of pictures are included. :)




Greetings from
Marta / Naurwen

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I had those ideas for those 2 pictures connected to Zoe's and Amanda's LJ / online names... :)



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Hello everyone

i *am* in a drawing mood right now... :)
here is a new picture i made yesterday evening, there's some nudity in it, though nothing too revealing really. just wanted to warn in case that offends anyone:


description as usual there... and comments as usual welcome. :)
it's a bit of a different kind than the others... so i'm curious how this one will be received. :)

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I ended up with 2 drawings instead of *only* one... and here they are:


Summer Rain

descriptions are added to the pictures - else feel free to ask.

wishing you a very inspiring monday...
Marta ;)

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I have finally got almost all the pictures of the scrapbook I did for my mother's 60th birthday present. I am missing just 1 page!

Hopefully this will take you to the pages. Each has a little explanation.

Obviously the original is clearer, but I'm pretty pleased with how they look.


accomplished accomplished
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So... this is the bag i'd mentioned before...
NOT made by me, but made by my mum. :)))


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As I said on my LJ, I have been feeling rather creative of late so have took some pics and stuck some them in my Scrapbook.

Some items are older but the new ones are the turquoise, orange and purple/pink bags.

What do you think? Do you think that sort of thing would sell?
Ideas, comments, suggestions, crits all welcome! :P

Look at them here

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